LineArt – Ageing of a 3D Model (a Cinema4D Algorithm)

LineArt - RoseCheck out the full Video:

This project was inspired by an image of a deer, by an unknown artist. I wanted to create an algorithm that produced similar images out of any 3D Model in color. By analyzing the image further I noticed that the deer had many fine lines in areas where fine detail was needed (the antlers and the face) and rougher, longer lines in the other body party. Further the density of the lines increased around edges.

I designed the code to allow for different point-densities, which get connected. The points are also more likely to get connected in areas not facing the camera, which creates a Fresnel-like effect when the object turns to emphasize the outlines. Further different colors can be applied to the lines, either by different materials or by texture.

While I was working on the code, the project evolved. I preferred looks that resembled a broken up wireframe, unlike my starting reference. I got the idea of aging data, a 3D model that gets stored on a lossy medium, which after time starts to fade. Polygon-Arrays, which hold three Vertices, get shuffled and Points wrongly connected. Polygon Generation fails as it now has no closed edge-loops. Only the lines are visible.

Nemo_HP     TRex_HP

The Rose was the first 3D Model to get the treatment and also the one I based the code on. The T-Rex and fish came later with some further code refinements, like the possible animation.

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