Lighting the Storm – a stereo Production

In January I was asked to help with the lighting of the project „Stormriders“ by Attraktion! GmbH in Vienna. Attraktion! builds motion ride cinemas (4D, 5D, etc.) and just started to create the content as well, starting with this production. This meant they didn’t have a fully functioning pipeline yet and working a lot with freelancers to get production going.

I was responsible for creating the key lighting for most of the shots (78 from 150 in a team of 3 lighters), as well as later supervising an external lighter. Feedback was given directly by the director. Also I needed to develop a working pipeline to get the immense load of shots done within the deadline.

In specific my tasks were to create the shading and lighting of assets and environments (using Maya and Arnold), to create the lighting of the shots, not exceeding 30 minutes of rendertime per frame and manage and render those shots on the online renderfarm, in accordance to the requirements of the compositors.

An interesting aspect provided the use of stereo on the project which created some unforseen problems, not so much in the lighting, but other areas of the production.

Hard facts:

  • 11min FullHD stereo production
  • lighting in Maya and Arnold
  • within a team of 3 lighters
  • over a period of 3 months

Kategorien:Allgemein, CGI

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