First Feature: Monster High

I met Axis at FMX 2016 in Stuttgart, Germany, where they were looking for Houdini Lighters with experience in Fusion for their upcoming projects – a perfect match as I have used both of those software packages on other projects before (see My Talking Friends). I was very intrigued by the company profile alone as I am a huge fan of their work (Dead Island, Halo, Alien and many other prominent cinematic game trailer originate in that studio).

After first contact at the exhibition I had a short Skype meeting with the Lighting Supervisor and 2 weeks later I found myself in Glasgow, Scotland (yes, the weather is as lovely as everybody thinks).

As stated the project uses Houdini and Mantra for Lighting, but the Lighters are also responsible for comping their own shots – using Fusion – until the finished sequence. Work is done in two teams at a very fast pace.

Today we got the green light to talk about the project and I will share the trailer as soon as it gets online. This will be my first feature film credit.

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