Daily Render Challenge #1

A little while ago a teacher of pottery told one half of her students to produce one piece of pottery each during the whole term and make it as perfect as possible. They would be graded by this one piece and nothing else. The other half of students was told to produce as many pieces as possible and they would be graded on how many pieces they had made.

Who do you think became the better craftsmen by the end of the year?

I heard this anecdote during a talk on sculpting. Inspired I took upon myself a daily render challenge, where I chose to create one piece of cg art every day. I hoped this daily task would elaborate my skills, not only on a technical but also on an artistic level.

It got addictive very fast and out of one week became two, then three. Some days worked better than others. What I can say immediately after is that I considered myself an expert in Cinema4D before already but still learned so much during this project. It is a great way to learn new techniques and also to work within limitations. By putting the work in social media I also got immediate feedback and gained experience what that means.

I showcase the collective work here. Work was done and rendered in Cinema4D.


Kategorien:Allgemein, CGI, Motion Graphics

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