Deathloop Cinematic Trailer

After the cinematic trailer for Outriders, this was the second trailer I worked on that was shown at the game conference E3 2019. The most notable landmark of this project was the unique style. Already early in the project the artwork was very interesting and different to projects I had worked on so far, yet proved to be quite challenging. Referencing styles of the mid 20th century, combined with neon elements on a deserted and derelict island somewhere in the north – this trailer had it all.

With just a small team at the beginning we worked on look development and early light to help characters, assets and environments.  Lighting and Rendering was done in Houdini and Mantra; for compositing we used Nuke.

To facilitate the lighting/compositing process for the artists I created tools and defined common compositing workflows. Eventually the team grew to a total of 12 lighters who brought the 78 shots home just before E3 with close to no overtime.


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