Becoming a Rebel

After 4 years and 4 months I am leaving Axisstudios to join Rebellion Film & TV Studios in Didcot, England. It has been a great experience, both inside and outside the Studio in Glasgow. A few years ago I would have never guessed I’d spend more than 4 years in Scotland, but it has been a wild ride and I don’t regret a moment.

Why move then? Throughout the last two years I wanted to become more technical. Thinking about pipelines and efficient ways to manage people and data are topics I find increasingly fascinating. I always feared though that when moving to a bigger company than Axis it is easy to get pigeonholed to a very specific role – eventhough or precisely because there might be great talent all around. On the other hand a small company, while providing more diversity in projects and roles will not need to go as deep into topics of pipelines and expertise in one particular field as a big one.

At the start of the year then I got an interesting offer: Rebellion – a game company I hadn’t heard about before – was starting their own Film, VFX and Animation studio from scratch, beginning with just a very small core team who, within a few months, should create a pipeline to be used by the expanding studio in the years to come. They were interested in me for the role as Lead Lighting TD.

This seemed fascinating – usually a company starts small and grows over years. Here we were to jumpstart a medium sized company from scratch with very experienced people from all over the industry.

So in September, just as the weather in Glasgow gets from bad to worse ; ) I made my move down to sunny Didcot and started to immerse myself in the fledgling company and pipeline to hopefully contribute the one or the other code snippet, workflow technique and/or piece of knowledge.

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